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Lanolips Face Base Day Cream Vitamin E Day Cream 60 mL

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Velvety-soft skin texture starts here.

This is THE ONE you will instinctively reach for every day. A heavy dose of hydration backed with an injection of vitamin E for antioxidants and environmental protection.

Formulated to deeply replenish and store moisture, this ultimate day cream leaves a velvety moisture barrier to keep skin hydrated all day.

Dermatologically tested and pH balanced for sensitive skin.

Lanolin is combined with Vitamin E, glycerin & soothing colloidal oatmeal, to provide a cocktail of hydration & gentle, calming protection for your skin. Our hard-working pure lanolin has a molecular structure that mimics your own oils, making it the most skin compatible ingredient around.

Thanks to it's soothing neutral PH, face base day cream can be layered under, over or mixed with your activities and serums for tailored performance and repair.


Glides on creamy, then has a distinctive grippy-feel when the lanolin locks down.
Will sink right into the skin-leaving your skin happy and prepped for what comes after.


Pure lanolin, Vitamin E, Glycerin and Colloidal Oatmeal. Lanolin is Natures Wonder Moisturiser™, it’s molecular structure closely resembles & mimics your own skin oils.


For external use only.